Fall Protection Systems

Keeping You Safe While You Work

At Material Handling Technologies, we specialize in fall protection systems that help prevent injuries while working at an elevated level. Our products are custom designed to meet your business’s needs and keep you and your employees safe and working efficiently, no matter how large the structure.

See some of the different types of fall arrest systems we specialize in below. If you’re interested in a different type or would like more information about the ones listed, please contact us.

We provide a variety of fall protection solutions tailored to your specific needs and industry:

Worker on Bus

  • Cable fall arrest systems installed in foundry’s and steel mills.
  • Aluminum track systems for refrigeration areas and cleanrooms.
  • Rigid horizontal track monorail & crane systems installed in:
    • Mass Transit Bus Manufacturing
    • Corporate Aircraft Hangers
    • Tanker Trucks & Rail Cars

We also offer:

  • Overhead Bridge Crane Fall Arrest
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Fold-Away Jib Crane Type System
  • Roof Top Systems
  • Self – Retracting Lanyards