Overhead conveyor and monorail systems are used to accommodate space constraints within your warehouse. Hanging a conveyor from the ceiling is an option that requires special mounting hardware and careful attention to load capacities of the ceiling for a given building. Some other types of overhead conveyor used for special requirements include empty carton monorail systems, garment on hanger (GOH) systems, etc.

MHT produces manual overhead conveyor and monorail transfer systems that are modular in design for ease of installation and modification. Our systems offer:

  • Multiple track sizes for wide range of load
  • Flexible track mounting systems for simple installation
  • Standard components to connect and suspend the monorail conveyor track
  • All track, switches and components are electro galvanized for complete protection in
  • The manual overhead conveyor can be seamlessly integrated with the MHT interior and exterior apps lightweight crane and lifting equipment, via automatic manual latching devices. This degree of integration allows flight bars to move from processes such as dipping, paint finish lines to an overhead monorail to efficiently transfer to another process or area within the plant.
  • Free running, economical with minimal maintenance
  • MHT manual conveyors are ideal for powder coating, painting, and material finishing applications.

Advantages of a Monorail Overhead Conveyor System

  • Large Load Capacity
    • Heavy duty enclosed track acts as a runway for the carriers and accommodates loads up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Reduces Product Damage and Worker Injury
    • Carriers are manually pushed or gravity fed along the track and can be navigated through hand operated switches to the process areas.  Since the product is suspended from a Safe-Rail carrier, manual re-handling of the product is kept to a minimum, reducing the chance of product damage and maintaining product quality. Lowerators automatically raise and lower product, eliminating injuries related to lifting and bending.
  • Easily Handles Large or Awkward Parts
    • Used extensively in finishing and assembly lines, high-density storage, product staging and ergonomic tool support, Safe-Rail is a perfect solution for manipulating awkward and difficult parts throughout production.
  • Maximizes Product Storage
    • Safe-Rail provides dedicated storage in user specified area. This system eliminates wasted space and efficiently stores product in an organized manner within the same work area, day after day.
  • Utilizes Space Efficiently
    • Safe-Rail frees up vital floor space, providing movement throughout a facility and allowing for organized product flow.
  • Increased System Life & Decreased Maintenance
    • Safe-Rail’s enclosed track protects carriers and runways from dirt and other contaminants. In addition, Safe-Rail’s sliding frog plates support loads through switches providing both smooth travel and longer switch life.  Overhead monorail conveyors are easy to maintain and are extremely durable. All parts require periodic lubrication but should continue to work well for year with proper care.
  • Total Adaptability
    • Our system maximizes available floor space while conforming to structural contours. Once installed, our systems can easily be modified for additional workstations, relocated equipment, increased building size, or other revisions in conveyor paths. Its design allows the use of smaller processing equipment (tanks, freezers, ovens, etc.) and makes serving hard-to-reach production equipment more practical.
  • Increased Productivity
    • The simplicity of the design, with fewer moving conveyor parts, means minimal maintenance and virtually zero downtime. The chain pitch offers more product hanging point options that will maximize production. This reduces conveyor system length and integrated equipment size.

Typical Applications of Overhead Conveyor Systems Include:

Material Handling Technologies has worked in many different industries to create and install the perfect monorail overhead conveyor solution. Although these systems are certainly not limited by industry these are some of the markets in which overhead conveyor systems are the most beneficial to efficiency:

  • Warehousing/Distribution Manufacturing
  • Empty Box Lines
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Pick-to-Light
  • Trash Conveyor
  • Paint Systems
  • Powder Coating Lines
  • Production Systems
  • Unit Handling