What are the core services of Material Handling Technologies (MHT)?

MHT has several core products and services. We are a turn – key material handling systems integrator with a special emphasis on conveyors and cranes. Additionally, we offer vertical lifts, lift tables, pallet racking, storage solutions and more.

What do you mean by systems integration?

If you are implementing a system for the purposes of receiving, order fulfillment, shipping, quality control and so on, then we can serve as a central point for all of the necessary services needed to design, install and control these types of systems for your warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility.

What services does MHT offer for these turn-key systems?

There are a few key services MHT offers that allow us to be a highly qualified systems integrator. We have in-house installers, mechanical engineering, panel building (Metlabs certified) and PLC (programmable logic controllers) engineers. We also have great relationships with an extensive supplier network, so we can appropriately source the right equipment for a specific project. Last but not least, we have around 35,000 sq. ft. of fabrication shops across two different locations. Out of our Morrisville, NC shop we are even an OEM for 24 volt DC, MDR (motor driven roller) conveyor.

Does MHT offer any warehouse control systems (WCS) or warehouse management systems (WMS)?

Yes, we do offer Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) systems to interface with a client’s Warehouse Management System (WMS). However, we do not provide any WMS systems. With that said, we have used our WCS to connect to a variety of our clients’ WMS. If you require this type of networking, then it is a service we can include during any systems integration.

What is the 24 Volt DC Conveyor that MHT offers?

24 volt DC, commonly referred to as motorized-driven roller (MDR), conveyor has self-contained 24 volt DC motors inside of the roller tube that allows the roller itself to act as the drive component. We offer various types of MDR conveyors, including: case conveyors, curves, transfers, merges, inclines and declines with roller and belt configurations. Additionally, we offer pallet conveyors with loads up to 2,500 lbs. This type of conveyor is first in class for zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) applications. Check out our blog to learn more about this.

What is the difference between MHT’s Corporate Headquarters and Northern Headquarters?

Our corporate headquarters is located in Morrisville, NC (near the RDU airport) with the facility specializing in conveyors and turn-key systems integration. Our northern headquarters is located in Syracuse, NY with the facility specializing in cranes.

What territory does MHT serve?

MHT has provided installations across the United States. Our sales engineers generally cover North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and New York. However, if you have an upcoming material handling project, we are ready to take a look regardless of where in the United States you are located.