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Should I Retrofit or Replace Existing Conveyor Equipment?

Deciding when to retrofit or replace your existing conveyor system equipment will keep your processes running smoothly. Learn more now!
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How Often You Should Maintain Your Conveyor System

Read our guide & discover expert insights to enhance your conveyor's performance, maximize efficiency, and extend its lifespan.
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Celebrating Over Thirty Years of Material Handling Technologies

Celebrate thirty years of service with Material Handling Technologies and our VP, Scott Englert—on our blog now!
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Heavy-Duty Applications for Pallets and Containers

Choosing the right equipment for your conveying application is absolutely critical when transporting a product. Read more for our advice.
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What Is a Continuous Vertical Conveyor?

While vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs) are often robust, heavy contraptions with significant moving power, you may be more interested in a vertical lift that takes up less space while still allowing for major material movement at higher levels. Enter the continuous vertical conveyor (CVC), a lift designed to reach higher elevations.   More often than not,... Read more »
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What Is A Vertical Lift?

At MHT, we offer a broad range of material handling products and services. Among our service offerings, our vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs), or vertical lifts, are consistently in high demand and thanks to our dynamic partnership with Pflow Industries, a leading manufacturer of VRCs of all kinds, we’ve been able to meet that demand. So... Read more »
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24 Volt DC MDR Conveyor: What Is It and Where Should You Use It?

The material handling industry as a whole seems slow to change compared to other sectors. In ten years, the tech sector reduced the social appeal of that super cool flip phone you once bragged about in favor of the ability to unlock your new smartphone with facial recognition software just so you can book an... Read more »
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